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Why a .horse web address?


.Horse web addresses are uniting the worldwide horse community. Whether you are a trainer, riding instructor, breeder, equine facility manager/owner, or someone who blogs about his or her riding adventures, this is your chance to get the domain name that perfectly expresses what you do.


A  descriptive .horse domain name and email address can increase your brand visibility and drive additional traffic to your website and business. Let your .horse domain show the world what you’re passionate about.


This exclusive, member-only offer includes:

  • Your own .horse domain
  • Website Builder
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About the CHA

The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the entire horse industry.  Through certifying instructors, accrediting equine facilities, producing educational conferences and publishing educational resources,  the CHA's mission is to "[change] lives through safe experiences with horses."


“CHA would have liked to have, but went with and since those were still available. I was privileged to be one of the first to hear about .horse and secured the .horse domains that were important to the CHA brand immediately. Although at first, my intention was to protect our brand, I now have some pretty exciting plans for our portfolio of .horse domains. CHA was glad to learn that we do not have to choose between .horse and .com, .net or .org – we can use the .horse domains to create more doors to our main .org website. We might use to take people directly to the “Find Instructors/ Jobs” section of Since .horse is still relatively new, we were able to get Perhaps someday in the future when it’s time for a brand refresh, we will use as our main website. We especially can’t wait for everyone to have a email address!”


– Christy Landwehr, CEO, Certified Horsemanship Association

Want your own .horse Domain Name?

* This is an exclusive discount provided by the CHA to its members. CHA members can get a .horse domain for $10 for the first year. Regularly priced at $29.88-$39.99, this represents a discount of 66%-75% for CHA members. CHA member savings for the website builder is a savings of 89%. The CHA member-only rate of $26.99 for the first year discounted from the regular website building rate of $254.44.